Les Terrasses de la Courtade White 2020 ABV 12.5 $34

Travel again with us, for a moment, and return to the shores of Mediterranean gem l’Île de Porquerolles. On that tiny spec of an island, the rich seaside vineyards of Domaine de la Courtade have yet more to offer Lush wine lovers. A few weeks ago the sunset hues and summery strawberry core of Les Terrasses rosé had us enchanted, but now the last vestiges of warmth by the autumn sun call for a new kind of crisp. Enter: Les Terrasses de la Courtade White 2020.

Courtade’s Domaine stretches over 35 hectares (nearly two percent of the island!) of coastal land within a stone’s throw of Provence. The Porquerolles’ beauty and uniqueness earned it National Park designation in 1963, laying the foundation for this winery’s thirty years of organic and biodynamic farming under the leadership of estate manager Florent Audibert.

This idyllic patch of land boasts hillsides of rich clay and schist, yielding juicy and covetable grapes. The windswept Mediterranean climate elevates flavor profiles with that extra je-ne-sais-quoi. Once picked, the harvest is softly pressed and clarified before beginning the vinification process in steel vats. Particular attention is paid to retain the terroir’s beauty in the final product.

Bright, clear, brilliant, this wine is, even more, inviting in the glass. Its nose takes us from the Mediterranean to the Pacific with a profile warm, tropical fruit… pineapple and lime are likely to dance across your senses. It’s undeniably tart on the palate but never falls out of balance. Instead, its acidity remains in harmony with its weight and dry, fruit profile.


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