One 10, Pick Three 27, Pick Four 33

Mix and Match to your heart’s delight with Charcuterie & World’s Best Butter

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Brillat-Savarin (Cow; Burgundy; decadent; Soft)

Truffle le meunier crémeux de citeaux +3 (Cow; Burgundy; Soft; luxurious)

Petit Basque (Sheep; Pyrenees; Semi-Firm, Sweet, Nutty, batter texture)

Petit Theodore (Cow; Burgundy; Soft; rum soaked raisins)

Comte (Cow; A.O.C. French Alps; Aged 9 Months; Semi-Firm; legendary gruyere)



Dolomitico (La casearia carpenedo, aged in double malt beer; cow)

Valserena Parmigiano Reggiano (Cow; Parma; Firm; umami)



Red Ale Dragon Cheddar (Cow; Mustard Seed & Ale, Semi-Firm)

spain & HOLLAND

manchego (sheep; mountain; savory; nutty; firm)

Beemster Vlaskaas Gouda (Cow; Aged 24 mouths; Firm; Sweet & Smooth)



Sofia Ash Rind (legendary aged Goat cheese; Indiana; Soft; Blue)

Tea Rose (Goat; Indiana; Firm, Rose and Tea Crusted)