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$4 Bottled Or Canned Beer Service Fee

WAIVED With Each Retail Beer Purchase - Same Service Fee Even For A Magnum

Flight 15
Pricing: 125ml Taste / 250ml Glass / 500ml Chalice / 32oz Howler
To Go

Hudson Valley Farmhouse Cider

Crisp, Dry Heritage Cider from Heirloom apples- 6.3% ABV - NY 3/6/10/19

Burger• Hummus • Aged Cheese

Empirical Space for Everyone

Sour aged with Plums and Peaches - fundraiser for adler planetarium- 6.4% ABV - Chicago 4/6/9/16

Charcuterie • Olives• Aged Cheese

Allagash 'Bijou' Golden Figs Brew

SUPER RARE - Wild Golden Ale aged 18 months on fresh figs - 9.4% ABV - Portland Maine 5/7/12/21

Charcuterie • Cheesecake • Aged Cheese

Allagash 'Bijou' Golden Figs Brew

SUPER RARE - Wild Golden Ale aged 18 months on fresh figs - 9.4% ABV - Portland Maine 5/7/12/21

Charcuterie • Cheesecake • Aged Cheese

Allagash Blond

Banana, French Bread, White Pear - 5.5% Abv- Portland Maine 3/5/7/15

Duck Fat Popcorn • Sardines

Allagash Daring Man Wild Saison

Wild Saison fermented with grape must - balances the line between beer and wine with lightly Tart balance- 11% Abv - Chicago 4/6/10/19

LUSH Burger • Cassoulet • Hearty Cheeses


available bottled to go



Vita-Coco pressed coconut water, pineapple juice, passion fruit juice, cold pressed lime, overproof cask aged AND pot still rums


twists on classics

Blood Orange Negroni 13

Blood Orange Infused Hayman's Gin, Negroni Liqueur, Turmeon Sweet Vermouth

Sazerac 15

Napoleon, 15 And 25 Year Armagnac, Lemon Oleo, Absinthe, Creole Bitters

WC Fields Maple Old Fashioned 15

100 Proof Rye, Orange Infused Bourbon, Burton’s Maple, Cherry Bark Bitters

Perfect Big Apple Manhattan 14

Apple Infused Bourbon, Turmeon Sweet Vermouth, La Quintinye Extra Dry Vermouth, Creole Bitters

Earl Grey Old Fashioned 18
(limited release)

Blood Orange Infused Bourbon, Citrus Gomme, Earl Grey Tea, House Bitters


Refreshing, Sessionable

Sangria 13

White Wine, Honey Meade, Blood Orange Juice, Lime, house-made Citrus syrup

Whiskey Sour 13

Hand-Shaken, Your Choice Of Bitters - 15

Hell Fire Margarita 14

Chile Pepper Infused Mezcal, Cold Pressed Lime, Citrus Gomme, Salt

Cold Pressed Lime Margarita 13

Citrus Infused Tequila, Lime, Combier French Orange Liqueur, Grapefruit Gomme, Salt

Cold Pressed Lime Margarita 13

Hamilton White Rum, Mint, Lime, House Sparkling Water

Cold Pressed Lime Margarita 13

Bubbles, Gin, House-Mixed Sour, Hint Of Turmeric

Grower Champagne Upgrade



500ml Bottle Ginger Beer, Lime & 187ml Booze ‘Mule Kit’ available to go for $21

Moscow Mule 13


Presbyterian 13

Sour Mash Bourbon

Diablo 13


Pamplemousse Mule 14

Grapefruit Infused Vodka

Oaxaca Buck 14

Artisan Mezcal

Gin Gin Mule 13

Inverroche Gin


75ml/150ml – Flight 25

Bubbly Chardonnay With A Splash Of Chanel

Domaine du Vieil Orme Cremant de Loire Chenin Blanc-Chardonnay NV 4/8 - Bottle 23+

Duck Fat Popcorn • Olives

La Vie En Sparkling Rose

Jean-Baptiste Adam Cremant d'Alsace 5/10 - Bottle 32+

Seafood Conservas • Shrimp Remoulade



Adult Kool-Aid

Chateau Nomad Dry Rose, California 2020 7/11 - Bottle 20+

Grazing plates on the patio

A Provence Wine by Any Other Name

Les Terrasses De La Courtade, Porquerolles, France 2020
10/16 - Bottle 34+

Veggie Burger • Hummus


WAIVED With Each Retail Wine Purchase


If Mother Nature rains on your parade, we will offer you a socially distanced table inside. If that is not comfortable for you, we will bring you containers for anything unfinished and the kitchen will box up any unserved food. We will offer you dry socks, ponchos, rubber ducks and a 'Raincheck Bubbles Certificate'


150ml/250ml – Flight 27

Kardashian Slap Your Palate With Umami

SeikoMirror Of Truth Unpasteurized Heirloom Sake 7/11 (75ml/150ml) - Bottle 42 +

Seafood Conserva

The Gets-Along-With-Everything Wine

Ebner Ebenauer Gruner Veltliner 2013 8/13 Bottle 24+

Burrata Salad

If Oysters were A Wine

Lieubeau Clisson Melon De Bourgogne, Loire, France 2014 8/13 - Bottle 22+


Vinho Verde Surround Sound

Passaros Alvarinho/Trajadura, Portugal 2012 7/11 Bottle 17+

Salade Maison • House Cured Olives

Nerd Out With Cellared Heirloom White

Chateau Bouscasse 'Les Jardins' Petite Courbu & Petite Manseng Heirloom
White Grapes, SW France 2011
8/13 - Bottle 24+

Seasonal Hummus • Juliana Floral Goat Chese

Sauvignon Blanc Years Before It Was Cool

Daridan Cheverny, Loire Valley France 2018
8/13 - Bottle 24+


I'm A little Sweet on you

Tobin James Riesling, Monterey, California 2011
7/11 - Bottle 20+

Goat and Blue Cheeses

Cali Chardonnay With A French Accent

Tavieso Llorna Chardonnay-Viognier Santa Barbara California 2011
11/18 - Bottle 36+

Trout Conserva •


150ml/250ml – Flight 25

Kickass Pinot From Alsace

Rolly Gassman Pinot Noir, Alsace, France 2016
10/16- Bottle 39+

Duck Prosciutto

Old Vines, Indigenous Yeast, Red Fruits

Moric Haus Marke Rot, Burgenland, Austria 2014
9/15- Bottle 30+


When Malbec meets Cabernet Franc Aka A Gay Guy In A Business Suit

Viel Orme Rouge, Touraine,
Loire Valley 2017
8/13 - Bottle 24+


Beaujolais Du Jour

southern burgundy's silky, dry 'cru Village' gamay
11/18 - bottle 30ish+

Anything Duck

From The Cult California Cellar

Travieso "El Rey" Syrah, Santa Barbara, California 2010
13/21 - Bottle 48+

LUSH Burger


Chateau Nomad Red Blend "The Alani" 2016
11/18 - Bottle 35+

Croque Monsieur • Steak Frites • LUSH Burger

Big, Unabashedly Bold, Balanced Beauty

Tobin James Single Vineyard, Dry Farmed, Old Vine, Head Pruned, Hillside, Estate Zinfandel , Paso Robles 2013
8/13 - Bottle 23+

Aged Cheese • Double LUSH Burger

Freddy Mercury In A Bottle

Piazzo Barolo Castello Di Novello 2016
12/20 - Bottle 45+

• Duck Cassoulet •