The Dalva 10 Year Tawny Porto's nutty, fruity and peppery nuances render it an ideal pairing for desserts, particularly with LUSH's decadent handmade 50g chocolate bars or year-round fire pit s'mores. Cheese lovers needn't fret either - the balanced rich-and-sweet complexity of this wine perfectly offsets the salty blues, toothsome aged cheddars, funky rind cheeses, rich Brillat-Savarin and toasted pecans that you find on LUSH's cheeseboards. And because Dalva's fortified winemaking process introduces a brandy (called "aguardente" in Portuguese) to stop the fermentation on its third day, this Port wine retains some residual sweetness and has an alcohol content approaching 20 percent. It is bound to bring some much needed warmth to its wintertime drinkers, but is great for sipping after a big meal all year around. The 10 Year Tawny Porto's profundity and balance are due to the efforts of Dalva's smaller family farmers and winemakers, as opposed to the comparatively more syrupy wines from industrialized mega Port houses. The Dalva brand extends far back in time; this Portuguese winemaker has made a name for itself as a vigilant producer of Port wines since 1862. Dalva is, in fact, a melding of its founder's surname: C. da Silva, hence the combined "Dalva" coined in the early 20th century. And much like Dalva's lengthy history and longtime commitment to a Port wine's quality texture and finish, the Dalva 10 Year Tawny Porto is intended to age and transform with time. For those interested in experiencing what the Douro has to offer, the Dalva 10 Years Tawny Port is a stellar place to start. Compared to the rest of the world, this region uses the most grape varieties to make its still wine; with over 100 varieties authorized for production. As always, there is no better time to try the Dalva 10 Years Tawny Port than right now - unless a tasty dessert still needs some time to finish baking in the oven.