2021 Umathum Rosa

As April changes to May and the weather gradually warms up a bit, your taste in wine could be changing. Perhaps you find yourself looking for something a bit lighter and crisper than your wintry reds or Ports. Well, no better time for LUSH's All May Rosé, a celebration of some of the best rosés in our inventory. Rosé is capable of complexity and depth, and no better example of such a reality than Austria's Umathum Rosa - a blend of Blaufränkisch, Saint Laurent and Zweigelt. Umathum ROSA BURGENLAND The 2021 Umathum Rosa's production uses a method called saignée, which involves "bleeding off" a portion of of the juice from red grapes, and allowing it to ferment alone without skins and seeds. The method typically increases the concentration of red wines; when used to make rosé, it causes the result to take on a darker color and bolder palate than other pink, run-of-the-mill rosés. To add to this unique wine, the 2021 Umathum Rosa's grapes themselves are biodynamically farmed, harvested by hand and vinified with minimal intervention in stainless steel tanks inside the Umathum solar- powered winery. The result: a bright, full-bodied, ruby-red-colored rosé. Striking aromas of raspberries, cherries and some acid flood the nose after uncorking the 2021 Umathum Rosa; however, its taste palate is fresh, a bit tart, and with a structured finish. Although this new vintage is perfect for sipping now - perhaps with a LUSH charcuterie board to bring out the complexities of this well- concentrated rosé - its silky texture and botanic aromas greatly improve with some age, as well. Have it now or later, but be sure to grab a glass whenever you find yourself enjoying the weather outside.